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Rogelio Carles Rosas (Roy) was born in Panama City, Panama, into a culture where dance is an integral part of most social gatherings with family or friends. He grew up listening to the different rhythms of Latin music like salsa, merengue, cumbia, and samba. He also became a fanatic of Carnival, where he joined the comparsas (groups of people who dress in creative costumes and dance in the parades).

With that sort of background, there was no question that dancing would be important to him. But salsa wasn’t always his favourite beat and it wasn’t what brought him to Wellington. He arrived in 1996 to work as a “classical animator” on the Hairy McLary series. At that time, salsa was just becoming popular here and Roy soon began teaching. It gave him a way of sharing a much-loved part of his culture with his new community.

Roy has been teaching for over 15 years, and several of New Zealand’s top dance instructors got their start with him. Roy’s approach to salsa, and to dance in general is about social interaction. His teaching style reflects his playful personality. Ladies like to be surprised on the dance floor. I love the adrenaline and the energy of Cuban salsa timba! You feel you are on a wild roller coaster ride. The rhythms come from every corner!

Dance is a great way of expressing yourself as well as keeping your body and mind fit, but the most important thing is the rhythm. Learn to feel the rhythm … rhythm is in our guts. Everything comes from the rhythm, and we need to let it come out and let our natural technique develop …

Roy prefers to focus on the similarities between the various styles of salsa, rather than on their differences. In the end, everyone will develop their own style. What feels natural to you is what makes you feel good and allows you to express your personality.

His teaching style recaptures the way in which children learn to dance. First, learn to listen and to feel the music. This natural process is often blocked if we try to focus on technique at an early stage.

Some students need a bit more time to find their ‘dance legs’. Others are ready to move on more quickly. After the initial 4-week class, you can choose to repeat Beginners 1 or move on and discover Beginners 2.

Roy’s system can free the dancer inside you and to help that dancer grow. So, welcome aboard the salsa wawa!

About Roy

Nina came to New Zealand in 2000. Originally from Russia, she lived in Sweden for many years.

Nina has a jazz dancing background but fell in love with salsa when she was introduced to it by her Cuban brother-in-law. He is a salsa instructor in Stockholm.

Nina was delighted to discover that salsa dancing is popular in New Zealand. She enjoys the very friendly and happy atmosphere and incredible people from various backgrounds, who share the same interest in dancing as she does.
About Nina
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