Press release
Interview for the
Cuba Street Carnival.
"Close Up", TV 1.
Friday 20 February, 2009
Wellington, New Zealand
Winner of the
Outstanding Individual Prize

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"When Latin came to town"
by Bernie Napp
Newspaper article
The Evening Post
Saturday 9 March, 2002
Wellington, New Zealand
"Salsa Fever"
by Kimberly Cameron
Magazine article
The Guide: Essential Living in Wellington
Issue 6, Winter 2003
"Caramba! We samba!"
The Dominion Post
Monday 28 October, 2002
Wellington, New Zealand
"Birds of a flamboyant feather"
by David Dickens
The Dominion Post
Wednesday 21 February, 2007
Wellington, New Zealand
"Rogelio Carles Rosas: Nuevo valor artístico que imprime vida y esplendor a carnavales"
by Patricia Harrison
La República
Domingo 1 Junio, 1986
Panamá, Panamá
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