welcome to Salsa Addiction Kapiti, 2013
Cuban-style salsa classes, from intro level on ...

anyone can learn salsa! We all have rhythm ... it's just about fitting it to the music ... you don't need any previous dance experience.

classes are small, friendly and fun and there are parties to practice at
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... so bring your '2 left feet' and join us ...

courses (location/prices)
4 or 5-week evening courses run between February and November. Rueda (roo-ay-da) de casino, dancing in a circle and changing partners to called moves, is included from level 1.

* all ages welcome (student discounts apply)
* you DO need to bring a dance partner
* courses are prepay only

private lessons
if you can't make it to a regular class or want to fast-track you salsa, book some private lessons ... personal tuition at a time to suit you

get in touch
o join the mailing list, email salsa_addict@paradise.net.nz
or txt Ruth (021 176 8239)

students say ...
Ruth’s classes are small, friendly and fun. She’s clear, upbeat and patient, and knows when to raise the bar. She breaks down the moves well and switches easily between the male/female roles. (Chris, Whitby)

Ruth's teaching style is slow enough for people to gain confidence, and fast enough to keep their interest. Her enthusiasm and sense of fun keeps the class's spirit alive. Great! (Dean, Waikanae)

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